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Welcome to KRASS (Khorezm Rural Advisory Support Service)

"Khorezm Rural Advisory Support Service" is a self-governing, independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-political organization, based on voluntary membership of practitioners, researchers, and other specialists sharing common ideas and interests.

To contribute to improvement of rural livelihoods, poverty alleviation and increasing long-term food security and environmental sustainability in rural Uzbekistan through agricultural support services


In conditions of regular transformations in the agrarian sector of Uzbekistan, farmers confront rapid changes and new challenges. In order to cope with those changes and newly emerged challenges, and in addition execute the proper management of field operations, local farmers need upgraded knowledge and skills. Agricultural extension services are crucial for the rapid spread of research results to farmers and for transmitting information about farmers’ needs, circumstances, and problems to researchers.


Within the framework of UN Joint Program for “SUSTAINING LIVELIHOODS AFFECTED BY THE ARAL SEA DISASTER” an Extension and Information Resource Center has been established in Urgench, Khorezm in 2014 as one alternative form of organizing extension-like services in Uzbekistan. The initiative is based on two majors: the Urgench State University with its academic and research potential and NGO KRASS with its applied expertise in providing extension services.


The objective of agricultural extension is to improve farm income through the provision of information to farmers and helping to solve their problems, as well as to strengthen their capacities, empower rural people, promote innovations and address rural challenges.


The established Extension and Information Resource Center is envisaged to:

- serve as a platform for knowledge, information exchange between farmers, local research and advisors;

- offer decentralized information on new, improved and locally adaptable technologies to farmers;

- communicate with agricultural producers and specialists for their feedback and participation on further adapting, testing disseminating agricultural knowledge and innovations;

- provide of information and consultations (agronomic, economic, etc)

- provide tangible and practical demonstrations and support

- transfer knowledge through the students, coming from rural areas and taking messages home and creating awareness in their local communities

- develop extension-aid materials

Assets for success


- Qualified staff in various agriculture related disciplines, economics, sustainable development

- Necessary equipment and facilities Innovation packages

- Extension aid material

- National and international partners

- Milti language skills

Topics covered

- Efficient use of land resources (conservation agriculture, intercropping, cover crops);

- Efficient use of water resources (laser levelling, water saving technologies – drip irrigation, channel bed insulation for decreasing water filtration, others)

- Efficient use of other agricultural resources (fertilizers, etc)

- Improving degraded land (afforestation)

- Growing alternative cash crops (indigo, sorghum)

- Using alternative energy in agriculture (biogas, solar energy together with UrDU, efficient heating systems in rural area)

- Income generation through alternative agricultural activities (solar greenhouses, intensive orchards)

- Monitoring land quality/salinity

- Improving farm profits/economic oriented consultancies/elaborating business plans for farms

- Preparing/training of extension experts/ToT


Sin Liliana
+99 891 2777852


MSc in international relations, foreign economic relations.
Fields of specialization: foreign languages (English), international relations, authorized translation, record keeping, accounting, teaching.


Elena Kan
+998 94 1162714

Deputy Director, NGO KRASS

MSc in English philology.
Fields of specialization: M.Sc. Biology with the thesis ”The Assessment of agroforestry systems in Khorezm: Farmers’ perceptions and practice”.


Egamberdiev Oybek

Senior Researcher

PhD in agriculture
Fields of specialization: soil science, agronomy, biology, conservation agriculture, teaching.


Mirzakhayot (Hayot) Ibrakhimov
+99894 6195978

Senior researcher

PhD in agriculture.
Fields of specialization: Spatial and temporal dynamics of groundwater table and salinityg, Hydrotechnician engineering.


+998 99 347 81 83

Environment and Climate Change Specialist

PhD in Environmental management.
Fields of specialization: Environment/Social Safeguards, supervision of procurement, greenhouses, environment managements.


Farida Abdullayeva

Senior Lecturer

PhD in agronomy.
Fields of specialization: Water regulation, arable crops formation, GIS/Remote sensing, experimental design.



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