About Us

Our mission

"Khorezm Rural Advisory Support Service" is a self-governing, independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-political organization, based on voluntary membership of practitioners, researchers, and other specialists sharing common ideas and interests.

To contribute to improvement of rural livelihoods, poverty alleviation and increasing long-term food security and environmental sustainability in rural Uzbekistan through agricultural support services


  • to promote rational use of land and water resources for sustainable development and mitigation of environmental problems by disseminating innovative, modern and improved agricultural and irrigation methods and techniques
  • to increase the agricultural knowledge and skills of the farming population and the youth of rural Uzbekistan
  • to promote the development of science and technologies and contribute to the development and management of such information
  • to promote small scale private (agro) business undertakings


  • Elaborating farm development and farm business plans
  • Training of agricultural extension staff and agricultural advisors, farmers
  • Establishment of community based agricultural service centers, WUAs
  • Conducting seminars, workshops, trainings, exhibitions, conferences on agricultural/farming/ecological topics
  • Preparation and circulation of extension aid materials (handouts, bulletins, booklets, prospects, etc.)
  • Setting up a library and data base on ecology/agriculture
  • Environmental assessment (lab analysis)
  • Logistic support to research and development activities
  • Consultation and technical assistance on educational programs abroad
  • Cooperation with development projects
  • Arrangement of farmer-processors cooperation