Offered Services

I. Soil and water analysis

1. Laboratory analyses of soil and water salinity (irrigation, drain, drinking water)
2. Soil salinity measurements with the EM38 for a rapid assessment and mapping of soil salinity for increased irrigation water management.

II. Provision of innovative resource management technologies

1. Laser driven field topography
2. Laser guided land leveling for increased water management
3. Implementation of conservation agriculture (bed planting, zero tillage)
4. Diagnosis of nitrogen status of crops based on SPAD and Greenseeker measurements and in consequence, preparation of N application schedules
5. Costs benefit analysis of innovative technologies (ex ante and ex post)

III. Monitoring and Evalutaion

1. Design and conduct of farm and household survey
2. Contribution to analysis of agricultural policies
3. Demarcation and analysis of value chains
4. Development of farm business plans

IV. GIS services

1. Digitizing of maps
2. Creation of thematic maps
3. Advanced statistical analysis (combination of various data sets)
4. GPS service and remote sensing

V. Logistic support and additional services

1. Logistic support in conducting workshops, seminars, business trips to the region
2. Logistic support in conducting research: surveys, interviews, bridging with local experts
3. Logistic support in Conducting field experiments, including layout, design, maintenance, measurements
4. Computer services
5. Translation services

VI. Biogas Business Plan

1. Biogas Business Plan
2. Developing of a working business plan model for building biogas installation
3. Word model of business plan Excel sheet with calculations

VII. Greenhouses energy efficiency and CDM cost estimations

1. Developing of the efficiency comparing and CDM cost estimating methodology Developing Greenhouse project proposal for GEF SGP
2. Excel sheet with calculating algorithms Proposal and budget.

VIII. Using alternative energy sources

1. Using alternative energy sources (solar and biogas) for efficient greenhouse production in Khorezm, GEF SGP, Anticipated October 2012- March 2014
2. Building 3 types of greenhouses at UrDU research site
3. Approbation of the greenhouses and conducting research on efficiency