Offered Trainings

in languages: E English, R Russian, U - Uzbek

I. Economics and Financial Planning for Resource Management

1. Farm Planning and Farm Budgeting (E, R, U)
    1a. Beginning level:
          - Essentials of designing and conducting farm, household and market surveys in Uzbekistan
          - Concepts of partial budget, gross margin, cost-benefit, dominance analyses
    1b. Advanced level:
          - Use of functions for economic analysis in Microsoft Excel
          - Introduction to building an optimization model in Microsoft Excel
          - General introduction to key concepts of modeling and optimization with GAMS
          - Practical modeling in GAMS for farm planning

2. Agricultural Sector Planning (E, R)
    2a.Value Chain Analysis (mapping, analyses, development of value chains)
    2b. Introduction to agricultural sector modeling in GAMS
          - Theory of demand and supply
          - Methods of model calibration
          - Set-up of possible policy simulations
          - Analysis and evaluation of structural policies

3. Environmental Management and Economics (E, R, U)

4. Econometrics and Statistics (E, R, U)

II. Agriculture and Irrigation Management

1. Fertility management (E, U)
- SPAD and GreenSeeker for nitrogen management, optimum nitrogen fertilizer application and yield prediction of the plants
- Crop rotation management (intercropping, mulching, leguminous crops)

2. Resource management (E, R, U)
- Planting methods and techniques
- Conservation agriculture (zero tillage, permanent bed)
- Farm forestry

3. Irrigation methods and techniques (E, R, U)
- Laser guided land leveling (theory and practice)
- Alternative irrigation methods (double furrow, siphon, drip and sprinkler irrigation)
- Use of soil salinity detection for improved irrigation water management (EC meters)
- Irrigation and leaching planning (leaf water potential meter)

4. Bio physical simulation models (CropSYST) (E, U)

III. GIS and RS in agriculture (E, R, U)

1. Creation of GIS data base
2. Analysis of environmental variables
3. Monitoring of Land use/Land cover map
4. Idintify and map soil salinity
5. Prediction of crop yield potential

IV. Rural Extension and Adult Education (E, R, U)

1. Principles of advisory work (individual and group extension)
2. Basic communication behavior for extension work
3. Problem solving concept
4. Communication for innovation

V. Lecturing at the training course “Increase awareness of the farmers on ecology, air and water conservation”

Lecturing at the training course “Increase awareness of the farmers on ecology, air and water conservation”, Farmers Association of Khorezm, Scientific/lecturing, 500 farmers got basic knowledge on Effectiveness of Land and Water Resources Use. January-February, 2010.

VI. Training on GIS

Training on GIS, upon request of Geoqadastr, Khorezm region, on January-February, 2012. Training course, 8 specialists are trained.

VII. Training on Biogas

Training on Biogas, UNDP LED project, on February – May 2012, Making of model of biogas installation. Preparing training program and lectures, training for Khorezm and Karakalpakstan farmers, Model. Training program and lecture material are developed, 50 farmers trained.